Q. Why does PDEC care about NSTIC?

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Feb 11, 2013 No Comments ›› Phil Wolff

Q. You’re the executive director of the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium. Why does PDEC care about NSTIC? 

I am focused on making a personal data ecosystem (PDE) real. And a rich, strong, diverse identity ecosystem lowers common barriers our PDE participants confront. 

The big vision of an Identity Ecosystem articulated in NSTIC goes well beyond identity credentials for verified identities. It envisions a future with both the technical and policy infrastructure needed for people to share all types of personal data associated with themselves.  

NSTIC efforts in these areas will help a personal data ecosystem emerge more quickly :

  • Stronger logins. Multi-factor authentication is helpful/useful for a personal data ecosystem to help people protect their personal clouds / personal data stores. 
  • Work with “real” names. People have records in services that use their “real names” like utility companies, health records, phone companies, governments, businesses. They must “prove” who they are before these risk averse services permit copying their data into their personal data banks. 
  • Support anonymity. Let people use pseudonyms in transactions.