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Aug 9, 2012 2 Comments ›› Phil Wolff

To vote in the spring elections you MUST register to be a part of the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group by February 14th.  

Membership is open to any person and any organization (any citizenship, any location in the world). 

  • The first set of elections is mid-March for at large positions (elected by everyone in the IDESG).
  • The second round of elections  is mid-April.  This is where you will vote for me as your stakeholder delegate if you sign up in the Small Business Entrepreneur Category.

If you registered in the summer you must update/reregister because the membership agreement changed and it must be signed now.  E-mail to do so.  You can change from one stakeholder category to another (from Consumer to Small Business #11)

If you are registering with the IDESG for the first time  go to this page and fill out this form on the site.


  • stakeholder category 11 Small Business & Entreprenuers. 
  • Participating Member (then if you are an individual or organization you can be one or the other)

The Secretariat will e-mail you the membership agreement – you sign it and return it one of two ways

  1.  ”digitally” in a program like Adobe that lets you do put it in to forms like this

  2. “manually” by printing it out and either scanning + email or faxing it back to them.

Please don’t hesitate to contact them if you have trouble with the process and feel free to CC me


Bonus Step - tell your friends!

An organization or individual shall be permitted to join the Steering Group by executing the Membership Agreement as a Participating Member or by expressing the intent to join as an Interim Member.  Interim Members shall have the same rights and responsibilities as Participating Members. Interim Members shall execute the Membership Agreement no later than the end of the initial interim period in order to remain members.